Hikers can begin or conclude their trip on the Slovenian Mountain Trail in Maribor, Ankaran or anywhere else.  The trail has no restrictions in terms of time. Read more...

Until 1991, the Slovenian Mountain Trail was named the Slovenian Mountian Transversal No.1, leading from Maribor to Koper. Professor Ivan Šumljak (1899–1984), an authority among the Maribor mountain hikers, a publicist, lecturer and head of the PD Maribor-Matica trailblazing section/unit of 20 years, sent a written proposal for the mountain trail to the Slovenian Alpine Association (Planinska zveza Slovenije – PZS) as early as 1950.  While performing trailblazing, it occured to him: “Why not connect all these spots by means of one single blazed trail which would extend further on, across the entire Slovenian territory and back to Maribor!" This is how Slovenia became the first European country to have a unique transversal trail. Hiking across the Slovenian mountains started in 1953 with the path which was not only revealing its beautiful features but also taking the mountain hikers from the Pannonian plains across plateaus and hills all the way to the Slovenian coast.  Here, everyone can find something for their own taste.

Hikers can begin or end the Slovenian Mountain Trail in Maribor, Ankaran or anywhere else.  The trail has no restrictions in terms of time and is marked by means of the Knafelc blazes (white dot with a red circle around it and an Arabic number 1). It leads through routes which can be classified in three groups, namely easy, demanding and very demanding routes.

The trails leading to the peaks and mountain posts of the Extended Slovenian Mountain Trail are established mountain routes marked by means of the Knafelc blazes and bearing no special or additional markings. This trail is also not restricted in terms of time and can be started and finished anywhere.
When setting out on either of the above-mentioned trails, it is highly recommended to use the guides published by the Slovenian Alpine Association and written by Jože Dobnik, namely Slovenska planinska pot (Slovenian Mountain Trail) (1998) in Razširjena slovenska planinska pot (Extended Slovenian Mountain Trail) (1993). The first guide contains a condensed description of the entire trail from Maribor to Ankaran, the mountains, summits, places, and mountain and other types of posts where control stamps are kept. It also lists interesting sights, views and the most suitable routes to approach the posts and summits. Maps with a clearly traced Slovenian Mountain Trail are also worth mentioning, along with a map with marked points of the Extended Slovenian Mountain Trail.

The second guide faithfully follows the first book. When hiking, it is certainly good to bring the mountain hiking maps as well which, in addition to the Slovenian Mountain Trail, show other mountain hiking routes leading to the mountain hiking posts and summits where hikers can get stamps. Furthermore, let's not forget about Dnevnik s slovenske planinske poti (Journal from the Slovenian Mountain Trail) which also has space for the control stamps obtained on the Slovenian Mountain Trail and the Extended Slovenian Mountain Trail. (Abstract from www.kam.si.)

Pohorje and the north-eastern section

Mariborska koča mountain hut (1,068 m)
Ruška koča mountain hut (1,246 m)
Koča na Klopnem vrhu mountain hut (1,260 m)
Ribniška koča mountain hut (1,507 m)
Grmovškov dom pod Veliko Kopo mountain hut (1,371 m)
Koča pod Kremžarjevim vrhom mountain hut (1,102 m)
Poštarski dom pod Plešivcem mountain hut (805 m)
Dom na Uršlji gori mountain hut (1,670 m)
Andrejev dom na Slemenu mountain hut (1,096 m)

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Dom na Smrekovcu mountain hut (1,377 m)
Koča na Loki pod Raduho mountain hut (1,520 m)
Mt. Velika Raduha (2,062 m)
Koča v Grohotu pod Raduho mountain hut (1,460 m)
Kocbekov dom na Korošici mountain hut (1,808 m)
Mt. Ojstrica (2,349 m)
Koča na Kamniškem sedlu mountain hut (1,884 m)
Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju mountain hut (1,378 m)
Kranjska koča na Ledinah mountain hut (1,700 m)
Mt. Koroška Rinka (Križ) (2,433 m)
Mt. Skuta (2,532 m)
Zoissova koča na Kokrskem sedlu mountain hut (1,793 m)
Mt. Grintavec (2,558 m)
Mt. Jezerska Kočna (2,540 m)
Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh mountain hut (1,543 m)
Planinski dom na Kališču mountain hut (1,540 m)
Mt. Storžič (2,132 m)
Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut (1,123 m)
Koča na Kriški gori mountain hut (1,471 m)
Koča na Dobrči mountain hut (1,478 m)

The Karavanke Mountain Range

Roblekov dom na Begunjščici mountain hut (1,657 m)
Mt. Begunjščica (2,060 m)
Planinski dom na Zelenici mountain hut (1,536 m)
Prešernova koča na Stolu mountain hut at Mt. Stol (2,174 m)
Mt. Golica (1,836 m)

The Julian Alps

Aljažev dom v Vratih mountain hut (1,015 m)
Dom Valentina Staniča mountain hut (2,332 m)
Mountain huts of Triglavski dom na Kredarici (2,515 m), Planika pod Triglavom (2,404 m) or Tržaška koča na Doliču (2,151 m)
Mt. Triglav (2,864 m)
Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih mountain hut (2,052 m)
Mt. Razor (2,601 m)
Mt. Prisojnik (2,547 m)
The Vršič Mountain Pass – mountain huts of 
Tičarjev dom (1,620 m)
Poštarski dom (1,688 m) or 
Erjavčeva koča (1,515 m)
Zavetišče pod Špičkom mountain hut (2,064 m)
Mt. Jalovec (2,645 m)
Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut (886 m)
Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih mountain hut (2,071 m)
Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut (1,685 m)
Mt. Komna – mountain huts of 
Dom na Komni (1,520 m) or 
Koča pod Bogatinom (1,513 m)
Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut (1,385 m)
Gomiščkovo zavetišče na Krnu mountain hut (2,182 m)
Koča na planini Razor mountain hut (1,315 m)
Mt. Vogel (1,922 m)
Mt. Rodica (1,966 m)
Dom Zorka Jelinčiča na Črni prsti mountain hut (1,835 m)
Dom Andreja Žvana - Borisa na Poreznu mountain hut (1,590 m)
Franja Partisan Hospital (536 m)

South-western section

Planinska koča na Ermanovcu mountain hut (964 m)
Mt. Bevkov vrh (1,051 m)
Mt. Sivka – Mrzli vrh (1,008 m)

Koča na Hleviški planini mountain hut (818 m)
Mt. Mali Golak (1,495 m)
Koča Antona Bavčerja na Čavnu mountain hut (1,242 m)
Mt. Sinji vrh (1,002 m)
Pirnatova koča na Javorniku mountain hut (1,156 m)
Furlanovo zavetišče pri Abramu mountain hut (900 m)
Vojkova koča na Nanosu mountain hut (1,201 m)
Mt. Vremščica (1,026 m)
Tumova koča na Slavniku mountain hut (1,028 m)
Socerb Hill (389 m)
Tinjan Hill (374 m)
Ankaran (19 m)

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